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This is a heavily wooded area.

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Exactly what happened here?

Julianto looked after our dog while we were in Boston.

Ragnar invited me to his home.

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The wound bled.


She had enough sense to understand what he really meant.

My mom was a schoolteacher.

Where do I turn?


I am never at home on Sundays.

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A good mastery of these idiomatic expressions and skillful use of them in writing essays.

Generosity is an important trait in today's selfish society.

This book isn't as easy as that one.


Jack is an evil boy full of evil ideas.

Did Leith sign?

Could I have a moment alone with Nikolai, please?

Dan took a picture of the license plate.

I think I've figured out what time we need to leave.


Meehan told everyone that he was adopted.

Have you experienced a Japanese summer?

Exporting is a commercial activity which transcends borders.

A rook is a chess piece.

Can you hear it?

Kirk is obsessed with fashion.

Are you going to help us tomorrow morning?

Adlai is carrying a bag containing a million dollars.

You're the most beautiful bride I've ever seen.

He did poorly in his studies.

I often catch colds.


Donal should've stayed a little longer.

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A one million yen fine? That's nothing to me.

Many of the workers died of hunger.

That's what we did after lunch.

I'm busy now.

I told you it didn't work.

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For the lack of something better to do, Harvey decided to take a long walk.

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This is a real surprise.

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Big Brother is watching you.

Is that why you want to hurt me?

When is Daddy coming home?

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How many people are there in this household?


Will you have to tell them?

This computer is already not working.

He never forgets to pay a bill.

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I promise that I will be here tomorrow.


That's what I would do.

Never say that.

I found my high school yearbook.

Paris is one of the biggest cities in the world.

I'm not offended.

I was watching you.

He was a middle-of-the-road Democrat.


Rajarshi makes millions of dollars a year.

It's Monday and it's sunny.

We talked until two.

I can't believe Mitchell would do that.

There are historical reasons why males who are native speakers of English are embarrassed to speak their mother tongue correctly.

He won't come to class tomorrow.

Kimmo, where are you?

They don't want a woman for that position.

He fell into a deep slumber.


We took a long hike up to the summit.

Never throw away your notes - they may come in handy one day.

Rest in peace, father!

I hate my computer.

Mum! Can you pass me the toilet paper?

I don't think it's anything to laugh about.

A triathlon is a forbidding test of endurance.


Frank refused to do so.

He had his share of luck.

His parents are very conservative.

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She saw a cartoon.

You don't have to take an examination.

She has been a great mom.

All those in favor held up their hands.

My heart leapt with joy.

That doesn't sound too difficult.

Oh, I was disconnected.

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Life is too short.

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This stone is beautiful. Where did you find it?


You will not get there on time.

X rays are used to locate breaks in bones.

I wouldn't get my hopes up.

I believed Jingbai at first.

Believe it or not, I went skydiving.

That was mentioned.

She tattled on me to her teacher.


Will knows all that.

I kind of miss her.

I don't know how much longer it'll take.


What does he want you to call him?

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Hey, look at that.

Come early.

We'll all be dead eventually.

Don't mention the war!

It really is a nice theory. The only defect I think it has is probably common to all philosophical theories. It's wrong.

I won't tell them if you won't.

A crowd of people gathered in the street.

You and I both know you were the one who stole Micah's bicycle.

What do you think would happen if the earth stopped spinning?


I wish you'd let me use your car.

How many times has that happened?

Raul is still your friend, isn't he?


I've had a little bit too much to drink.

Let's take it from the top.

I am being guided.


The bag is full.

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Natraj found some skeletons in the cupboard when he was researching his family history.


We'll leave when Hector gets here.

Who do you think it was?

I found him easily, because I had met him once before.

Farther from the palace and to its north and south were the commoners, merchants, artisans, and laborers.

Mwa poured some more wine into his glass.

My battery's at ten percent.

You know I hate meetings.


Putting the check in my pocket, I started for the door.

I would've never guessed that Sonny was from Boston.

The guests prepared for their departure and packed their suitcases noisily.

Do you think you can do it?

Today I am older than I once was, and younger than I will someday be.

He is foolish to meet her again.

Cyrus made this doll for me.


Ramanan kissed Srinivasan lightly on the lips.


I'm not angry with him.


You look like a baboon.

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Making friends is simple for guys.

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He who loves not wine, woman and songs, remains a fool his whole life long.

I have something I need to tell Frank.

Marguerite actually did it.

Morton and I were ill in bed yesterday.

This could save many lives.

The telethon is a French TV program organized every year to collect funds in order to finance medical research.

We need to raise prices.

Oh, by the way: Congratulations on your success!

The President of the U.S. paid a formal visit to China.

I'm willing to take that risk.

Joachim probably thought I could help you this afternoon.

Were you able to buy everything you needed?

He loves singing.

She made an effort at joking but it fell quite flat.

Jeanette said he wanted to stick around for a couple of more days.

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This fish is free from poison.

I like the boys from the start of the marathon.

Did Mikey seem upset?


We love listening to classical music.

I already told you he isn't here.

Thanks for your time.

Morgan would be so happy.

I worked on Mr. Wood's farm when I was young.

You often change your passwords.

She told him everything.


Sometimes courage is more valuable than caution.

I can't stand that noise anymore.

I still think we should've stayed home.


I can't ask you to give that up.

I didn't ask for your help.

I will lend you any book that I have, so long as you keep it clean.

He seems to have been a great athlete.

With his new job, he's taken on more responsibility.