You're my best friend here in Boston.

One must take good care of oneself.

There's a lot that we still need to do.

I'm inside the bathroom because I'm washing my hands.

Stop being so emotional.

She hurried to the station so as not to miss the train.


You're the only person I know who can probably answer this question.

I have an interest in cello and piano.

My mother hates watching television.

The linkage between the RV and the car was weak, allowing for the car to be left behind at the first pothole.

I'm used to keeping early hours.

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I just want to look at it, that's all.

You need to try a little harder.

Janice saw a crack in the wall.

Hitoshi thought only of Charley.

When I hear that song, I think about the place where I grew up.

I was married at that time.

You can't tell them what to do.

Why don't you want this?

I want to spend my life with Sal.


Why is Wade special?

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Humans wouldn't have gotten where they are without opposable thumbs.


Clearly, I was wrong.


It would've been better if Plastic hadn't bought Grace a gun.


I didn't tell Mehrdad who told me that he'd stolen my saxophone.

Good night, sweetheart.

It's still functioning.

I made the train.

We lived in Osaka for ten years before we came to Tokyo.

If I had had enough money, I would have bought the bag.

She needs an umbrella.

I have no idea who it was.

Ping understands he's no longer needed.

Lie still.

What would you do if this was your last day?

Even my grandma can send a text.

Is there anything wrong?

We want to clean up our city.

I anticipate that there will be problems on their expedition.

She's off the grid, and European authorities want her arrested.

My parents threw me out of the house when I was 16.

I have already read today's paper.

I really need to get going.

Japanese differ from American in many respects.

Glen was too afraid to do anything.

We don't listen to each other enough.

I have known her for five years.

I don't hate myself.

I want to talk to the manager.

Voyager 1 has finally reached interstellar space.

I can't remember things before they happen.


Marnix is doing his French homework.


Has prison changed him?


I can't go to work.

I've already told everyone that I'm moving to Boston.

He intends to devote his life to curing the sick in India.

Maybe you ought to do what Nou told you to do.

The new government is expected to bring about a good number of administrative reforms.

Stop beating around the bush and tell me what happened.

Ramsey told me to do this.

Niels has already moved to Boston.

Dan and Linda failed to conceive.


He flew to New York on business.

I saw them waiting in the lobby.

You will have to wait there about an hour.


I've never told anyone this before.


Fry me some eggs.

Dylan didn't have the nerve to tell the truth.

There's nothing to do, so I may as well go to bed.

Have you finished yet?

Steel production is estimated to have reached 100 million tons last year.

There's no need for threats.

What's the nature of your problem?

I'd just like to give you a little history about our project.

I took it for granted that you would attend the meeting.

He knows many folk dances.

Now move over.

Charleen does know what he's doing, doesn't he?

Do you think that she is not human? In any case, I also may not be human.

The sea after the storm was calm.

You never believed me.

This dictionary is as useful as yours.

The chances of being attacked by a shark are very low.

I think you can prove it.

How was dinner last night?

There was no slippage in the schedule.

I didn't have any great expectations, so there are no big disappointments.

What do you think of Hank's nose ring?

Could you give me a second?

I wish I could speak French as fluently as you do.

I want a written report in my hands first thing tomorrow morning.

I don't know what that word means, but I'll try to find out.

Teriann will always be here.

He has worked for the welfare of his people for 30 years.

Well, how about some fried nails? I asked, how about some fried nails, eh?

Sheila doesn't have a girlfriend now.

Guys, that just wasn't good enough.

He ran as fast as any boy in the team.

I got fired from my job this morning. But, when it rains it pours, and upon coming out of the office building I found that someone had stolen my car.

My dog won't stop snoring.

The translation of the French novel took him more than three months.

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Many of us were tired.

Both boys were rescued.

There is a policeman at the gate of the house.

There's a pesky wrinkle on my shirt that I just can't get the iron to remove.

I like the way you think.

Where were you yesterday morning?

Don't let her talk to anyone.


I wish you would let Srinivasan come with us.

The child threw a stone at the cat.

The Second World War began in 1939.

When are we going to tell Anne?

Dinner will be waiting.


It's quite a big deal, isn't it?

We're meeting Murat in three hours.

Could you teach me Macedonian?

Tanya looked toward Tuan.

I am not such a fool but can appreciate it.

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Donald and Mac had to go to band rehearsal.

Many writers desire to look into the eyes of their works' translators.

We'll pretend this never happened.

I don't have a phone book.

Our baby will be born someday soon.

Silence is worth gold, but not when you're trying to learn a foreign language.

It's been a long time since I've done anything like that.

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The quality of life of the citizens is always of secondary importance.

I don't give a damn what society thinks.

As I heard the story secondhand, I can't ascertain the truth of it.

Where would you like me to park the car?

Our new car is not very big.

Your memory hasn't improved much, has it?

I'll call you later from the office.

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I had to wait for him wake up.

Celeste didn't like Stanley's parents.

We're both students.

Her voice was shaking with anger.

The amount of people on Facebook is greater than the population of the United States of America.

They warned us of our possible failure in this plan.

Hollywood marriages rarely last.

I can hold my breath for quite a long time.

Was that the girl who talked to you?


Is it true you addressed the manager in Chinese?

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Malcolm took a magazine out of his briefcase and began reading it.


A sumo wrestler thinks nothing of consuming 20,000 calories a day.

I haven't heard from Clara in years.

Every time I saw him, I found him to be taller.

If you want me to go, I will.

He possessed a large house and two cars.

I don't see what that has to do with this.

The basic job of an advertising agency is to figure out how to turn a desire into a need.

I'm not too picky.

Where can I park?

Save me a seat.

Srinivas hasn't done anything to be ashamed of.

The man wants to know the truth.

I owe my success to her help.

I must leave tomorrow morning.

It's been another avalanche of a road in Ekkjeskaret in Odda municipality in Hordaland Tuesday night and it is unknown if someone is taken by the slide.


I like taking a walk.

He has taken a shower.

If you hold on a moment, I will get Jane on the phone.


It's really funny.

I'm following the guidelines.

As far as I am concerned, prison and slammer are different things.


I live in the Pacific time zone in the USA.


I'll bring the glasses.

You ought to tell Andrea that you don't like doing that.

I think you'll have very little difficulty in getting a driver's license.

We marched under a hail of bullets.

He often skipped meals.

Don't you want to know where it's from?

Did they give a reason?

There may be another way.

They are thought of as competent.