True, he was a very good teacher.

Just because a certain book does not interest readers does not mean that the fault lies in the book.

Return to your quarters.

Would you fancy a game of Japanese chess?


If you let them in, I'll kill you myself.

Through both denotation and connotation, many Turkish names are weighty with symbolism. Before the Second World War, the European system of name-giving was adopted, and the people of Turkey chose new surnames for themselves from a list of names which had been created on the basis of etymology and semantics.

I can imagine that.


Put away your wallet.


Nobody had any idea what was going to happen.


Ji hadn't counted on this.


I want to buy the same watch as Jack has.


Who wants to go shopping?

There is a leap of logic in what he says.

Everyone's got a reason to celebrate the beginning of the new year. They all survived the old one.

My seven-year-old niece said to her brother, I'll tell on you.

That made her smile.

There are nine girls and three boys in the library.

They could not help being touched by the sight.

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I fell ill last year.

I still don't know why I said that.

When you are meeting with girl you have to behave confident.

Don't park here.

Stop popping pimples in front of the mirror.


An ancient bronze mirror studded with glass beads was discovered in the tomb looted by the robbers centuries ago.

You caused this.

Those are happy, who forget everything.

Moe won't let us go.

It wasn't all that bad.

Joe said he didn't want to live in Boston anymore.

Water pipes are cylinders.

Is eating fish good for you?

Liza is able to walk on his hands.

Wendy didn't know what Nick was talking about.

Nothing is free.

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Where could it have come from?

He showed up late to practice.

I should never have let you go there without me.

She wanted him to say that he would pay the bill.

He had heard some other stories.


I handed the mike to Gideon.

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I'm really fed up with this heat.

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Bring Lynn back.

Amanda came in carrying three cups of espresso.

When do lessons start at your school?


This has gone far enough.

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Claudia has a sister about your age.

He drives very fast.

He blamed others for his own failure.

Everyone started clapping.

Don't look at Graeme. Look at me.

The water of this ocean is cold.

A flag is a symbol of the people.

Didn't you notice us going out of the room?

She doesn't know the title of the book you're talking about.

The last time I saw Mark he was wearing a blue baseball cap.

Do you want to help us catch Jingbai's killer?

We need to get it done before tomorrow.

Is it to go?

It is time for you to go to bed.

What would your girlfriend do if she found out?

The boy is nice.

The students didn't know how they should answer.

Linder is already home.

There are too many rules.

I'm not a whore.

I won't forget her.

Let me make sure I have this straight.

Could Joe be involved?

I train almost every day.

We're not expecting your help.

I don't feel comfortable here.

I love both of them.

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Don't fall apart now.

I bought a new dress.

Rudy put the key into his pocket.

This is a book often read by adults.

Perry's friends all laughed at Elizabeth.


This is the more useful of the two.

Sridhar doesn't seem particularly trustworthy.

The interpreter provides his personal interpretation.


Thank you for bringing your computer.

Let's cut Real some slack.

There is a page missing.

"I gave them the job." "Why them and not us?"

Grandpa always said there'd be days like this.

Tran waved to Matthieu.

Bernie doesn't know where Rolfe graduated from.

My friends went to the movies without me.

I have something or other to tell him.

I told him to give me a call.

You party too much.

Antonella is refusing to pay his bills.

Gale got into his car, closed the door and drove away.

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We went to the beach to swim.


I reached the museum after a few minutes' walk.

Federer held his serve at love at 2-2.

Yours is bigger than mine.

Japan does a lot of trade with the United States.

I know everything that you've done.


She ironed a skirt.

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It's very obvious that he likes you.

I withdrew some money from the bank for my trip.

Please put it back where you found it.

Two divisions have surrendered.

Employers cannot refuse to hire workers because of their race, religion, ethnic origin, skin colour, sex, age, marital status, disability or sexual orientation.

While the baby was napping, she drooled all over her pillow.

All of her friends are students.


Maybe we should call them.


Buckle up, sit down, shut up and hold on.


Is there some land for sale here?

He backed abruptly away.

Was the soup tasty?

Don't you feel it?

We feel safe.

Let's go somewhere tonight.

Did anybody come by?

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Dan was deeply troubled by Linda's death.

I decided to tell her that I love him.

How much further do we have to go?


That's a puzzle.


Tell me truly what you think about it.


She said she had met him on the previous day.

For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world.

We can't complain.

You're a smart cookie, aren't you?

I haven't been feeling well lately.


As we go up higher, the air becomes thinner.


It's not a crow, but a jackdaw.


Oh dear, what nonsense I'm talking!


This one's really funny.


What's the time according to your watch?

An epidemic disease broke out.

If our last batter had not finally hit a home run, our team would have lost the game.

I rubbed my feet.

It could be advantageous for me to continue this way.


I am sure I met him somewhere, but I do not remember who he is.


As I thought, Catherine is a beautiful girl after all.


I'm afraid to fall.


I'm here to pick up Mehrdad.

I spent my vacation in a foreign country.

It was raining when we arrived.

Are there any objections?

I thought you wanted to watch that movie.


I don't think they like me.

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Shit on a Ritz!


Pete and Sanjay both got out of the car.

There is a lot of snow in Chamonix in the winter and people go skiing there.

Cristina said it was OK to go home early.

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Are you busy tomorrow night?

I'll put the frankfurters and meatballs into the oven now, as it's New Year's eve.

I have the information you wanted.

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You don't need to pay for your lunch.


They couldn't swim because of bad weather.


She's good at what she does.

With a voice wielding power of the ancient Nord art.

Sanche has been upset.