The TV commercial for herbal supplements ended with a quickly spoken disclaimer.


I've seen the guy somewhere.

I have absolutely no regrets.

Marlena lived in Boston for a while.

I know that, Isidore.

The administration makes important decisions.


In Tatoeba, you gotta always listen to veteran members. They'll tell you what can't be done and why. Then do it.


There's no way to know where he went.

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I can't calculate the final cost without first discussing it with our contractors.

Did you really stay home all night?

He looks very worried.

That would be a good idea.

I'm in the band.

I asked for an appointment, but he wouldn't spare me the time.

I'd like to cancel my reservation.

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Her story took me back to my childhood.

Speak not in the ears of a fool: for he will despise the wisdom of thy words.

"Do you have anything to do?" "No, not really."

She sat still for fear of waking the baby.

She forgot to feed the dog.


You lit the candles.

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You're busy, aren't you?


Even though it's a bit cold, let's go swimming.

I think my phone is bugged.

What were we talking about, again?


Collin is still asleep, isn't he?

I know what we need to do.

My father cut wood with a saw.

Kazuhiro ate alone.

It was all delicious!

I need some milk.

I'm not sure how much they are expecting me to donate.

Your English is too good to be in this class.

She prayed that her daughters would forgive her.

She explained to me that we throw away too much garbage.

I think Carsten has lied to us.


Come to my house.

Daniel loves to try new things.

I didn't want to alarm you.


Son has curlers in her hair.

Behold, a book.

Don't be so wild, Jack.

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That's what most of my friends call me.


Srinivasan didn't look all that happy.

The police rarely intervene.

You'd better clean your room before your mother sees this.

He can probably have any woman he wants.

Shaw put everything in a box.

We must repair the damage.

The painting was the object of admiration.

Give him the horns.

Kate stays in Izu over the weekend.

Here, try it on.

You're lucky you didn't get shot.

We're trying to think positive.

Give me a light for my cigarette.

We'll deal with it.

You seem Uzbek to me.

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She has a daughter who is a pianist.


Kemal didn't tell Hwa anything at all about his plan.

He closed carefully the front door.

I think Philip was the one who told me that.

We won't be silent.

Gill is working in AIDS research.

I had to give it a shot.

He is also credited with banishing all the snakes from Ireland, and it is to this accomplishment that I would like to share this allegory and join with St. Patrick in banishing the snakes from all of Babylon, everywhere.

Cashmere wool comes from Cashmere goats.

It's 8 P.M.


Then he began working at Cambridge and developing many more ideas about the nature of the universe.

I had to go to work.

To floop the floop.


Mann picked up the walkie-talkie and started talking.


I don't want any part of it.

Leo tried to fire his gun, but nothing happened.

Is that the same guy?


I thank you with all my heart.

Don't worry about the result of your test.

Those present were almost all women.

He has a natural gift for speaking.

That boy runs very fast.

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I often feel extremely exhausted.

We go fishing together once in a while.

The students revolted against authority.

We have no rainy day fund. If something unexpected pops up, we will be unable to cope.

He is a famous merchant.

You think you can make it to the table?

I hate war as only a soldier who has lived it can, only as one who has seen its brutality, its stupidity.

The man on the porch looked like Daren.

Mercy! Mercy! Mercy! What do you want from me? What have I done to you?

You won't be needing this anymore.

No one knows my broken dream.

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We wanted to get out of there as fast as we could.

What is going on?

Annard paused.

Rahul doesn't understand British humour.

I don't want you to think about it anymore.

Shamim painted the door blue.

Hungarian, Finnish, and Estonian are Uralic languages.

Knapper was expelled from school for breaking school rules.

He got a bullet wound in his left foot.

Mwa is much more experienced than me.

Because it started to rain, I couldn't use my camera.

Stop telling everyone you're my brother.

I'm taking tomorrow afternoon off.

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She bought an album for me.

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I've been looking for a nice satin scarf like that for aeons.

Maybe Vice just doesn't like you.

This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

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Taking an aspirin a day can be bad for you.

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It's completely normal.


Shirley is on the lacrosse team.

Is it true that Charlene can't drive?

If you believe what politicians say, it's really your own fault.

Martin and I barely know each other.

Kate was surprised when she saw that big dog.


Elijah will run the company.


I don't come back here very often.

There was a lamp hanging above the table.

The plan met with opposition from the inhabitants.

I'd appreciate it if you would help me this evening.

If he comes, I'll go too.

Change the orbit slightly of a single asteroid and we have big reptiles instead of people.

You'd better go now.

What did you do on your vacation?

Why were you up so late last night?

She would not tell me why she had gone home first.

Peter remarked that the pudding was too sweet.

Edward is definitely up to something!

Morris was curious about what Mah was doing.

Why did you invite Huashi to dinner?

I'm the guy who met Kristin at the station.


Children often imitate their parents.

I bought myself this superfast popcorn machine as a Christmas present.

Spass disappeared a year ago.

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The plane circled the airport twice after taking off.

Have you visited a zoo in your country?

Jared Jackson's new novel is very well written and I'm sure you'll enjoy reading it.

It won't be long before Julius gets here.

What are you going to do with those?

It was John who helped make her dream come true.

The natives of the North-West Pacific Coast of America were probably descendants of tribes from Asia.

Can you believe that October is almost over?

This is the place where Claudio met Raman.

These are technical documents and they are very difficult to translate.

Where did he go?

Can you point me in the right direction?

Is she here yet?

It sounds like you're home free again, Saqib.

There used to be an art museum in this neighborhood.

I bought it for you.

Question: Is Cookie a dog or a cat? Answer: One of those.


That won't help you.

Try how far you can jump.

Wilmer's a bright kid.

Gregor told me about the big fish that got away.

There must be a scientific explanation for this.

Arne is a great kid.

I am accountable to him for the loss.


I'll take that for granted.

Louisiana belonged to France.

If you want her forgiveness you need to come clean about what you did.

My father plans to go overseas next week.

You don't have to behave like this.

Take your clothes off, please.

The population of the country dropped by a third.

Kieran thought I was making it up.

I don't make a lot of money.