This cold has knocked me for a loop.

Give us some space.

We all need to work together. We're on the same team.

The more creative the sentence, the less likely it is that someone will invent exactly the same one.

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Put the groceries down here on the counter.

Perry grabbed his umbrella and headed for the elevator.

Try to look ahead.

What kind of a party do you want?

I'm worrying about your success.

Come on over here, Dan.

Elephants are very clean. They wash themselves.

Kazakhstan is one of the developed countries in Central Asia.

I like her personality.

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I already have my things.

We pitched our tents before it got dark.

There are students in the library.


She went home and cried.


He loves me. But I do not love him.

Heinz looked at Beckie closely.

Make a wish first.

Marc is sitting at the desk.

Information sometimes varies dramatically according to format: my news feed truncated the last word of the headline "Ex-boyfriend backs Cain accuser".

The college granted him a scholarship.

I'm the one who has to do most of the work.

I've got really good news.

Jaime and Irving laughed about the time they had a food fight.

He tried to trick me.

The organization furnished the refugees with food.

Can I bring them?

Indeed, computers are detrimental.

I'm supposed to be somewhere else right now.

It is a terrible ambience.

We need to find out what's wrong with Ethan.

With one glorious right hook, Punkin' Pie uncrowned the reigning heavyweight champion.


Hearing the news, she cried her heart out.

Raanan is wearing a pirate costume.

Juri probably doesn't get many visitors.

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I forgot her name.


Some dog owners wonder if it's OK to feed their dogs fish.


Andy eventually became an instructor.

He lives across the river.

I'm too happy for you.

She's beautiful.

I don't want to participate in the ceremony.


I've seen it all.

They took food and clothing.

He talked about music.

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Chris couldn't explain it.

Corporate earnings for the first quarter were disappointing.

The finest words in the world are only vain sounds, if you cannot comprehend them.

She is secretary to Mr Uda.

I think she will divorce him.

Her belief in God is very firm.

I've asked them if they would consider a compromise.

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Is there anything Shaw needs?

Jared is moving quite fast.

I don't usually ask questions.


He didn't just eat 1 pear, but 3.

I've been thinking about marriage a lot, and I think we should just do it.

That would be really funny.

The insecurely anchored rope cost the mountaineer his life.

Have you called Dominic?

This city is 1,600 meters above sea level.

The doctor sat up all night with the sick old man.

There's still a chance that Sue might help us.

Tao wanted to give Simon a goodbye kiss, but he thought maybe he shouldn't.


Evelyn doesn't eat breakfast.

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She chose a hat.

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His main concern was for the loud noise he was bound to make.


Earnie turned down the job offer.

We didn't come.

I believed this promise with unbelievably great naivete for a long time.


He has an ax to grind.

Let me be your plus one.

I want to have some tea.


This old man actually swam across the river.


Talk to my lawyer.

Hello. May I speak to Mr Johnson, please?

Naples gathers many tourists.


He is abroad.


I gave her everything.

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I'm an excellent listener.

Shaw read a book under a tree.

We need your help!

It's amazing how little time Claude spends with his children.

You can't doubt everything and anything.

The atheist is God playing at hide and seek with Himself; but is the theist any other? Well, perhaps; for he has seen the shadow of God and clutched at it.

My family is very important to me.

It is carried away by tidal waves.

I have a few things to do.

This is your apartment.

Old age turns hair gray.

Bud belongs with John and Rayan.

Do you think Dimetry is going to find anything?

Saiid and I never did get along very well.

Humans come from apes.

I am learning Quechua.

The villa is located several kilometers from the sea.


When they spoke English to me, it was because they wanted to sell me something. When they spoke Esperanto to me, it was because they wanted to be my friends. Heard from American Esperanto speakers returning from trips abroad.

I'm taking them to the hospital.

I hope it wasn't too painful.

They accredit him with the secret charity.

I cry every time I hear this song.

Willie said he found his keys.

He is rich while his elder brother is poor.

It was all-or-nothing and we struck out spectacularly.

Cory turned and walked out of the room.


You've made your choice.

I'm not gelding your calves.

I generally agree with Pierce.

I'll see what I can work out.

A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.

I infrequently purchase fast food, but I'm not proud of it.

I failed my exam.

Language is the painting of our ideas.

I have good eyesight.


How long would a train from Shanghai to Zhengzhou take?

Raja refused to sign his name.

Drive to the next intersection and make a left turn.


Nicolette needs a bath.

Let's go at around five.

Lukas said he thought Angus was on vacation.

I wish you were wrong.

They decided to settle down in Virginia that year.

Somehow I have taken a fancy to that girl.

I don't want to live in a big mansion.


I want to have my name taken off the list.


Weather conditions may change.

One of the reasons some workers hesitate to use their paid holidays is that they fear unfavorable reactions from their colleagues or superiors.

Slartibartfast informed Ernest that his train was late.

Johann seems like a nice boy.

People who desire power make bad leaders.

I've been looking for it everywhere.

Russell promised me something would be done.


What am I going to do now?

This medication works instantly.

I have three cats.

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Srinivas didn't want her parents to find out.

Kyu looks thinner.

He was killed in the earthquake.

Won't you give me something cold to drink?

We have two cats; one is white, and the other is black.

Seth angrily slammed the door.

I've got to warn Jinny.

I was in all day.

Can you print us out a list?

Are you that hard up?

It was very enjoyable.

If I was going to the African continent where would be the safest and most sanitary place?

Waiter, please give me a cup of tea.


It will cost 500 dollars to fly to Paris.


The tree is four feet around.

Which is the book we're talking about?

I am not ill.

Who could've ever expected this to happen?

Right. So you had three months.

The store has been liquidated. It's closed for good.

That's exactly what I'm doing.

I hardly ever walk to work.

The question is whether Mike knew the fact or not.

He took off his T-shirt.

I'm sure everything will be OK now.

Fill in your name and address here.

The Diet broke up in confusion.


Moses will need some persuasion.

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The sky was grey.